troncones mexico


Miles of sandy beaches stretching along the Pacific coast set against palm trees and gorgeous mountain views. This area is known for surfing and sport fishing, but you don't have to enjoy water sports to find something to do here. Walk along the beach at sunset, go for a horseback ride, release newly hatched sea turtles, check out the tidepools, or just lounge in a hammock under a palapa with a cool drink and a good book. There is something for everyone in Troncones.
* All rates are listed in US dollars unless otherwise specified and are subject to change.

casa de oro

Casa de Oro
Contact Casa de Oro
2 Bedroom Main House plus 2 Garden Bungalows
WiFi, AC in bedrooms, bilingual on-site caretaker
Main House rates from $175/night, $1,225/week to $275/night, $3100/week
Bungalow rates from $50/night, $350/week to $70/night to $800/week

casa azul troncones mexico

Casa Azul
Contact Casa Azul
AC in bedrooms of main house
Casa Azul (2 bedroom 2 bath house) rates from $89/night, $500/week to $110/night, $650/week

casa manzanillo troncones Casa Manzanillo
Contact Casa Manzanillo
7 Rooms
Pool, Air Conditioning in Bedrooms, Wi-Fi, Breakfast included, Beach Access
Room rates from $100/night to $175/night
Entire property from $600/night to $1,050/night

casa canela troncones mexico

Casa Canela
Contact Casa Canela
WiFi, AC in bedrooms of main house
Casa Canela (2 bedroom 2 bath house) rates from $100/night, $675/week to $130/night, $825/week
Las Canelitas (bungalow with bed and private bath) rates from $45/night, $300/week to $55/night, $350/week

posada de los raqueros troncones mexico

La Posada de los Raqueros
Contact Posada de los Raqueros
6 Rooms    
WiFi, daily tropical breakfast, AC in selected accommodations
Room rates from $80/night, $480/week to $115/night, $690/week
Bungalow rates from $105/night, $725/week to $150/night, $900/week

casa viva troncones

Casa Viva
Contact Casa Viva
4 Bedrooms    4 Bathrooms     Sleeping porch with 6 beds
Pool, Jacuzzi, WiFi and free calls to the US and Canada
Breakfast and beer included (when renting entire property weekly)
Sleeping porch rates from $59/night to $149/night
Room rates from $99/night to $325/night
Entire property from $425/night, $4,200/week to $1,000/night, $7,500/week

casa gregorio troncones mexico

Casas Gregorio
Contact Casas Gregorio
6 Bedrooms    6 Bathrooms
2 Pools, Cook Available
Bungalow rates from $75/night, $500/week to $110/night, $900/week
Casa rates from $145/night, $1,000/week to $190/night, $1,600/week

inn at manzanillo bay troncones mexico

The Inn at Manzanillo Bay
Contact The Inn at Manzanillo Bay
8 rooms
Pool, Air Conditioning, WiFi, Surf shop, Restaurant
Rates from $98/night to $158/night

casa de la sirena troncones mexico

Casa De La Sirena
Contact Casa de la Sirena
Pool, Air conditioning in bedrooms, WiFi, Cook
Private Villa (3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms) from $350/night, $2,450/week to $650/night, $4,550/week
Individual rooms from $110/night, $770/week to $275/night, $1,925/week

casa las tejas troncones mexico

Casa Las Tejas
Contact Casa las Tejas
4 Bedrooms    5 Bathrooms
Pool, Internet, Satellite TV
Rates from $5,000/week to $10,500/week

casa las piedras troncones

Casa Las Piedras
Contact Casa las Piedras
4 Bedrooms    4 Bathrooms
Pool, Internet
Rates from $100/night per room

hotel los suenos troncones

Hotel Los Sueños
Contact Hotel Los Sueños
6 Villa Suites, 1 Two bedroom Family Suite, and 1 Surfer Suite
Pool, Air Conditioning, WiFi
Rates from $75/night to $200/night

casa luna del mar troncones

Casa Luna del Mar
Contact Casa Luna del Mar
7 Bedrooms    9 Bathrooms
Pool, WiFi, Air Conditioning in Bedrooms
Rates from $130/night to $200/night per room
Contact for weekly and monthly rates

casa porvenir troncones mexico

Casa Porvenir
Contact Casa Porvenir
2 Bedrooms    2 Bathrooms
WiFi, High thread count linens, Telephone
Rates from $50/night per room, $125/night for compound to $175/night per room, $250/night for compound

casa delfin sonriente troncones mexico

Casa Delfin Sonriente
Contact Delfin Sonriente
6 Bedrooms    6 Bathrooms
Pool, Air Conditioning, Balconies
Rates from $65/night to $119/night per room

casa alegria troncones

Casa Alegria
Contact Casa Alegria
2 Bedrooms    2 Bathrooms
Pool, WiFi, Complete Kitchen
Rates from $160/night to $225/night

casa piedra de sol troncones mexico

Casa Piedra de Sol
Contact Piedra de Sol
5 Bedrooms    5 Bathrooms
Pool, Internet, 24 hr. Security, Chef available for an extra fee
Rates from $120/night per room, $3,850/week for full house to $180/night per room, $6,000/week for full house